Andy works in schools offering a range of different workshops for Key Stage 1 and 2 but has also worked with GCSE music students studying folk music.

The historical workshops are designed to fit in with historical subjects that are covered in the curriculum.


Tudor Music and Dance

The TudorsExperience the dances of the court and the peasantry, perhaps put on a show for the school.

Learn about the strange musical instruments of the 15th and 16th centuries, the Shawm, Cornamuse, Rebec and Gemshorn to name a few.

Children are encouraged to handle the instruments and to play along on period percussion and stringed instruments.

Andy normally works with a class per session as this gives greater opportunity for participation but it would be possible to lead a year group if required.

The session would normally last one hour.

Victorian music

Victorian MusicThe family of free reed instruments which include the concertina and accordion were new inventions in the 1800s while many others such as the flute and clarinet were improved. During this time the banjo was imported from America and became the electric guitar of the era.

Andy will bring into school many original instruments of the age. With the exception of the wind instruments this will be a very hands-on session.

The songs of this period tell the story of a changing world, whether they are from the Music Hall, the parlor or the workplace.

I'm Henery The Eighth

by Murray and Weston, 1910.

from the CD A mass of money, linen, silk, and starch.

Previous Subjects

Andy has also led workshops on a variety of different subjects and is happy to discuss any projects you have in mind.

Previous subjects covered in schools are:

Ancient Egyptians
Recycled instruments
History of musical instruments
Country dancing
Traditional music
Seasonal songs

Early Years

Andy works regularly in pre-school settings, teaching both children and staff appropriate songs and rhymes and introducing the young ones to musical instruments.

He has recently worked with young children for Sandwell Library Service and in Children’s Centres in Birmingham and Sandwell.